Homemade amplifier hf

27. března 2013 v 14:17

Trying first 5w direct from the FT-817 and then 1w driving the linear which was producing around 30w. Receiver is an SDR on WEBSDR, located in Weert
Jetzt aktiv werden und clever Hf Amplifier vergleichen.

Homemade amplifier hf

Testing homemade HF linear amplifier.

Vacuum tube or HF linear amplifier "home. Hf Amplifier - Günstig
Hf Amplifier finden
Hf Amplifier - Günstig
  • Homemade Vertical HF Dipole - eHam.net.

Preise vergleichen & enorm sparen! Hf Amplifier günstiger.

This video contains photos soviet tube and linear power amplifiers HF in performance amateur radio.
Homemade Guitar Amplifier

Homemade amplifier hf

Vacuum tube or HF linear amplifier "home.

Is there a way to use a forty foot aluminum as a Vertical HF antenna I was thinking with some radials and barum on the bottem I should be able to use it like a

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